Learn German Grammar in just 3 Steps

Hello Friends,

Today i just decided to write something interesting and easy about German Language. When we decide to learn a “Language” all it contain is Vocabulary and Grammar.

“Vocabulary  is easy to learn. But GRAMMAR is hard to understand.” These are statements made by many people who learn a Language.German Language grammar is easy if you learn it by steps.

Now lets start with:

The first important thing in German Language is :  the verb position must be on SECOND PLACE . 
Ich heiße John.
Ich wohne in Pune.


Personal pronomen are the nothing but personal pronouns of English.

Ich – I
du – you (singular)
er – he
es- it
sie – she
wir – we
ihr – you both / you all
sie – they
Sie – You (Respected Form)




For Konjugation what we need is Personal Pronouns. Konjugation is done only of VERBS. There are two types of Verbs.

  1. Schwache Verben: these are nothing but weak Verbs , which has normal conjugation.
  2. Starke Verben : these are strong verbs, who’s conjugation changes in ‘du ‘ and er,es,sie’ form.



  • while doing Konjugation first we have to take a verb . Verbs can be recognized like a word ending with ‘en’.
  • then we have to cut ‘en’ what remains is STAMM (i.e stem of the word)
  • And third step is , we have to put endings.


wohnen – to live

ich – wohne                                                                         wir- wohnen

du – wohnst                                                                         ihr – wohnt

er,es,sie -wohnt                                                              sie, Sie- wohnen

Now the question is why we have written ‘wir’ in front of ‘ich’?

as wir means we and it is the plural of ich i.e. I. Similarly it goes with ‘du’ and ‘er,es,sie’.